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Larsen Bay Lodge

Larsen Bay Lodge

Unlike most places in Alaska, at Larsen Bay Lodge you do not have to limit yourself to just freshwater fishing, or just saltwater fishing. With a fleet of boats and their own, private floatplane, you, your companions and fishing guides can design your adventure any way you would like. Each day you can choose whether you would like to experience the variety and abundance of saltwater fishing for giant halibut, black sea bass, ling cod, etc. or head to the world class salmon and steelhead rivers that are only minutes away from the lodge.

The fly fishing is extraordinary with wide shallow rivers teaming seasonally with king salmon, sockeye salmon, silver salmon, steelhead and Dolly Varden. All of Larsen Bay's waters can be fished with spinning tackle - which can be provided for you. Enjoy a float trip down the famous Karluk River and a delicious shore lunch prepared by your guide!

Even before you unpack you bags or wet a line in Larsen Bay, you have experienced upon entry something truly memorable. Kodiak is more than twice the size of Rhode Island and quite mountainous. It is heavily forested at the northeast end of the island but almost treeless in the southwest part of the island where Larsen Bay Lodge is located. The island is deeply cut by sapphire-blue bays surrounded by rugged green mountains. In the summer when Kodiak is carpeted in deep shades of green it is easy to see why Kodiak Island is called the Emerald Isle.

Seasons & Species

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Larsen Bay Lodge offers world-class fly-fishing. The Karluk River has been voted repeatedly one of the top ten salmon rivers in the world! Not only is the fishing outstanding, but you won't find any crowds. Access is restricted because the Karluk River lies in an area controlled by the native corporation. It is not unusual to raft down the river to the many prime fishing holes and not see another soul! This is quite a contrast to "combat fishing" in other areas of Alaska. In addition to the Karluk, you will also be able to fish the nearby Dog Salmon River below Frazer Lake. Both rivers are accessed by their private floatplane. The Karluk is a five-minute flight and the Frazer is just a 15-minute flight.


The Karluk and Dog Salmon River are both wide shallow rivers that are easy to fly fish. Both are lovely streams that flow through beautiful green treeless hills often covered in wildflowers. The Karluk is especially known for its superb King Salmon runs. The Karluk River also has runs of silver and red salmon while offering Dolly Varden and a few rainbow trout all summer long. In the fall, the Karluk offers superb steelhead fishing!

Larsen Bay has recently acquired the exclusive commercial sport fishing rights to the Ayakulik River which is in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. It is also the largest river system on Kodiak Island. But more importantly it is the largest salmon producing watershed on Kodiak Island! The Ayakulik has fantastic Kings Salmon, Sockeye Salmon and Silver Salmon fishing as well as fall Steelhead and Arctic Char!

Larsen Bay Lodge offers truly superb halibut fishing! These are huge fish that are a blast to catch on stand-up tackle! But they are also absolutely delicious to eat! Halibut is prized for its delicate sweet flavor, snow-white color and firm flaky meat. Halibut is the world's premium whitefish.

One of the best parts about halibut fishing at Larsen Bay Lodge is that you don't have to travel for hours by boat across open water to get to the fishing grounds, (like you do in most other parts of Alaska). There have been 300lb. halibut caught within 300 yards of the lodge! Most of the halibut fishing is done close to shore, often so close to shore you could literally throw a rock and hit the bank! Larsen Bay Lodge's location on deep protected bays means it is highly unlikely that a big blow that will keep you from going halibut fishing.

And while the best halibut fishing is in July and early August, it is routine to catch halibut in October, November, and December if you want to pursue Steelhead or would like to go for some of the hunting opportunities available at Larsen Bay.

In the late summer and early fall, outstanding freshwater fishing for Silver Salmon is accessed by float plane to the favorite rivers as well as by boat across Uyak Bay to some of the most picturesque streams in Alaska. Larsen Bay Lodge also has the advantage of offering trolling for salmon in saltwater for variety and convenience. In August, for instance, you can be anchored for halibut and Silvers are jumping all around the boat feeding on candlefish and other baitfish. After you catch your limit of halibut, all you have to do is pull up the anchor, put the boat in gear and begin catching 12-20 lb. Silvers!

The Karluk River is renowned for its fantastic steelhead fishing in late September, October, and November. The Karluk provides the fast moving water with deep holes that are the perfect habitat for steelhead. Don't miss the unforgettable action of catching fresh ocean-run Steelhead on light tackle!


You will need to first fly to Anchorage. You should plan to overnight in Anchorage at one of the many hotels, motels or bed & breakfasts, but if your time is limited, it is possible to make arrangements in order to arrive in Anchorage and connect straight through to the town of Kodiak. You will need to book a commercial flight on Era Aviation or Alaska Airlines to Kodiak, (250 miles southwest). We here at Bob Marriott's Travel Center can assist you in making all these reservations. Then it is a 30 minute flight from Kodiak to Larsen Bay on Island Air, which has regularly scheduled flights several times a day.

This flight is just 30 minutes with Island Air Service from the town of Kodiak to Larsen Bay lodge. But this is where the Larsen Bay experience really begins. With your noses pressed to the windows and camera shutters busy clicking, each view is only surpassed by the next one! Keep a sharp eye out for mountain goat, Kodiak Bears and Sitka blacktail deer. Looking down into the bays, it is not uncommon to see whales breaching. Also in the bays, purse seines are busy trying to surround schools of salmon and set nets can be spotted extending out from shore. And before you are ready, you are on the ground and being greeted by the staff from Larsen Bay Lodge.


Larsen Bay Lodge's deluxe beachfront accommodations include 2 lodges and 2 private cabins. The lodge is located on the beach so many of the rooms have incredible bay views. The main lodge has a large dining area with a beautiful stone fireplace. Social areas are equipped with satellite TV, card table and pool table. Suites and cabins have queen size beds, private bathrooms and decks.

With the high class facilities and continuous electricity, you can fish or hunt all day, return to the lodge for a hot shower, wash and dry wet clothes if necessary, watch Sports Center on TV after dinner, or even plug in your video camera and watch highlights of your day afield! In the morning if you like, you can watch CNN or the Weather Channel before heading off for another day of adventure. You can call home any time you like. Larsen Bay Lodge offers the best of both worlds!

Other Activities

No matter when you visit, as an added bonus to the outstanding fishing, you will often see bald eagles, whales, Steller Sea Lions, puffins, harbor seals, and sea otters, during the day. It can be a sightseeing & photography extravaganza! And of course, do not forget the animal that has made Kodiak famous in print and film – the Brown Bear. There may not be anywhere that you can expect to get better pictures of these magnificent creatures. And don't fear, you will be quite safe. The bears know you are there and are much, much more interested in the salmon and the short duration that they are available than messing with you.

There are over 200 species of birds on Kodiak. Along the shoreline depending on the time of year, you will see a variety of waterfowl and seabirds, such as Bays, Harbor, Arctic, and Aleutian terns, Barrow's Goldeneye, scoters, and highly coveted and uniquely plumaged harlequin ducks. Along the beaches reside song sparrows, rock sandpipers, and turnstones. Rocky cliffs along the bays are home to black-legged kittiwakes, horned and tufted puffins, black oystercatchers, and common murres.

Bald Eagles are year-round residents. Over 200 pairs nest on the shoreline pinnacles, cliffs, and cottonwood trees on the Kodiak Island.

Larsen Bay Lodge is located in the heartland of the rugged and beautiful 5,000 square mile Kodiak Island, (which is the second largest island in the United States). Kodiak Island is about the size of Connecticut and is an extension of the Kenai Mountains that form the Kenai Peninsula 90 miles to the northeast. No matter where you are on Kodiak Island, you are always within 15 miles of the coast.


Sportfishing (June / July / August / September / October)

King Salmon, Sockeye, Silver Salmon, Halibut, Steelhead, Black Bass, Ling Cod & Crab

4 Days / 5 Nights - $3800.00

5 Days / 6 Nights - $4750.00

6 Days / 7 Nights - $5500.00

7 Days / 8 Nights - $6000.00

Price per person includes: Lodging, Meals, Guide, Fishing Charters, Bear & Whale viewing, Fishing equipment, Fish Cleaning and packaging material.

Hunting (April, May, August, September, October, November, December)

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