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Five Rivers Lodge, Montana
Five Rivers Lodge offers comfortable elegance in a place considered to have the last uncrowded blue ribbon fisheries in the U.S.  Fly fishers, beginners and experienced alike, find challenges on private spring creeks, ponds, and rivers that receive little fishing pressure.

As of March 30th, 2012, the snowpack on the average in the Beaverhead National Forest is around 96% of normal. Since this winter has been warmer than average, it means that the water content in the snow is well above the normal amount. That's what keeps the rivers in good shape and very fishable all season long!! According to the local fisheries biologist, "the area is looking at very good conditions for all our local rivers, with good river flows and outstanding numbers of large fish during the 2012 fishing season."

2012 River Forecast for the Waters Fished by Five Rivers Lodge

• The Beaverhead River, according to the recent shocking of the river by the State of Montana, continues to have more fish per mile over 24" than any other river in the lower U.S. After four straight years of good winter river flows, the fish count is now over 1,600 fish per mile over 24". That doesn't count all the ones 23" or smaller. In fact the river is full of browns and rainbows in the fun to catch 15 to 17” range. The 2012 season is shaping up to be the best year on the Beaverhead in decades.

• The Big Hole River continues to be an amazing fishery and one that responds quickly to the water conditions. The bugs grow thick, just like the trout, and 2012 looks to be an epic season building on last year's great one. It starts with the Mothers Day caddis fly hatch in May, then in June is the famous salmon fly hatch, all the way through the grass hoppers, PMDs and caddis in July and August. In September and October the tricos, spruce moths and baetis are the star attractions, along with exciting streamer fishing.

• The Jefferson River is benefiting from the big flows of the last five years, as well as the local water conservation policies. It is now producing some of the area's largest browns and rainbows and is one of the least fished river in Montana. It is a river where you feel like you could meet Lewis and Clark around every bend in the river.

• The Ruby River is a primarily a wading river and was hard to fish last season because of prolonged high water and turbidity. But the fish didn’t care and thrived with strong numbers, with good size and strength. With the snow pack more in the normal range, the Ruby should again be very fishable, with excellent fishing. The Ruby river is known as a miniature Beaverhead River and usually produces the first fish on grasshoppers as early as Mid-June.

• The Madison River ....... well the Madison is the Madison, which means it consistently kicks out large number of fish just about its entire length. In 2012 we expect it to live up to its legendary status and to continue to fish great.

• The lodge's private waters promise to astound guests again this year.


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