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Home Shop Alpine Innovations Spudz 6x6 Micro-Fiber Lens Cloth

Alpine Innovations Spudz 6x6 Micro-Fiber Lens Cloth

SKU: 0017012700
Price: $5.95

Vest Clip-on


Spudz are the most convenient micro-fiber cleaning cloths for your outdoor experience. What makes Spudz soconvenient is the design. Unlike other lens cloths, the Spudz lens cloth stays attached to the inside of a storagepouch. A snap hook also provides an easy way to clip it and keep it where you want it.The Spudz patented design does not only make Spudz attractive, but very useful to clean polarized glasses,photo lenses and other optics.
Whether you get water, finger prints, sun block,dirt, grime or any other airborne particles on yoursport optics, Spudz will shine them up quicklywithout scraching.
Sizes Available
Standard Spudz: 6” x 6” micro-fiber cloth
XL Spudz: 10” x 10” micro-fiber cloth
Spudz Cleans: glasses, ski goggles, cell phones,portable devices, CD’s and DVD’s, cameras,binoculars
Hook Spudz to: key chains, retainers, zippers,camera bag, fishing vest “D” rings, zingers


Vendor: Anglers Image


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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 November 2017 03:58

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