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SKU: 0007079210
Price: $2.75


Why do Squirmy's work so well. Fish like worms. These squiggle and wiggle. They represent lots of primary food sources.
Squirmy-Wormies (TM) and the flies they make have been called the most effective new patterns in the last 20 years. We recently saw it featured on a Fly fishing show on TV and the gentlemen using it said it was the #1 fly in West Virginia. Little did we know that statement can be made for a lot more states than just WV. Now we hear Fly Fishing Team USA members are using them We sell a ton of them in all colors. You will not find the Blood Red, Hot Pink or the life like Worm Tan anywhere else but from Spirit River. 
You can see a couple ways to use these on flies by searching them on Youtube. 
To make a fast simple and effective fly, cover your scud style hook shank with thread. Then take a Squirmy and tie it in at the rear of the hook. Start with a couple loose wraps because cinching it to tight will make the thread slice thru the worm. You will develop a feel for this. Then run your thread up to the hook eye and again lock in the worm with another 10 wraps of thread. Male a good solid whip finish.DO NOT USE HEAD CEMENT ON THE HEAD. IT MELTS THE WORM.
Bounce the worm through any good hole and your sure to hook a fish.
Approximately 10 noodles per bag. Each is about 5.5 inches long.
Note: we have heard that some game officers do not consider these a fly. Be certain you know your regulations on the waters your using Squirmy's on.

Vendor: Spirit River


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