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Hi-Lite Glass Beads Small 11/0

SKU: 0007079355
Price: $1.95

Approx. 125 Pack
Hook size #10-14


* SL=Silver lined, translucent beads that have a lot of flash
* M=Metallic Colors which have high luster, but more solid color.
* TR=Transparent rainbow offering varied hues with iridescence.
* PL=Pearl lusters added to solid colors.

Approximately 125 pcs per bag, these are size 11/0 beads and best used on hook sizes 10 thru 14
Spirit River's Glass beads are top of the line & all have a lustrous finish and even color. They make a good addition to any number of patterns. Use the extra small, small for bodies on many wet flies. The medium are a good choice for the heads of nymphs and the large beads look awesome on the front of buggers or even dragon nymphs. Also use them in the thorax. These add some weight which many times helps. In most cases the hook needs to have the barb pinched down in order to slide the beads up on the hook shank. In the case of the ever popular silver lined beads they can also be strung on flex floss or Kevlar thread and run over the top of a thorax creating a gas bubble effect. Lately we see many of these beads strung out on Articulated flies. Rob Crandall's new steelhead flies use have the use of beads like this.
Their most popular beads are Quicksilver used in Colorado midge patterns like Pat Dorsey's Mercury Midge flies. The medium gold, red, root beer and orange create amazing soft hackles when used on the body. They also tie a special Randy Schoals soft hackle with the Medium Ruby SL as the head.



Vendor: Spirit River


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