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Echo ION Reels

SKU: 0002015600
Priced from: $79.99


The ECHO ION reels are the best reel we have ever seen in the sub $100 category. Made from what we call a hybrid design, cast aluminum and then machined to provide the benefits of a machined bar stock reel without the high price associated with "fully" machined reels, All ECHO reels are coated with an impact resistant matte black finish to provide the best looking, long lasting finish. Six sizes to fit any rod, starting with the 2/3 and finishing with the 10/12, which will hold the largest single hand or two-handed lines with plenty of backing. ECHO ION reels have stainless steel internal components and are primarily designed for fresh water use. They are not designed for, but can handle some exposure to salt providing extra care is taken to clean and lubricate them after each day on the water. At $79.99 retail for the three smaller reels and $99.99 for the three larger sizes, the ION reels are a "no brainer."
For the three larger reels we offer an optional heavier drag knob made from solid brass. This knob (sold separately) adds 2.3 oz to the reel weight, helping the reel balance with the longest two-hand rods. $15.99

ION REELS feature:
* Maintenance-free Rulon disc drag with low start-up resistance
* Backlash-free, instant drag reaction from one-way roller clutch bearing
* Positive position click drag knob
* Lightweight, hybrid design balances with lighter rods
* Incoming/outgoing audible click
* Durable solid alloy construction
* Fast line pickup large arbor spool

ION23 WF3F 75yards 20lb backing
ION45 WF5F 150yards 20lb backing
ION67 WF7F 150yards 20lb backing
ION79 WF8F 200yards 20lb backing
ION810 WF8/9 200yards 20lb backing
ION1012 WF9/10 250yards 30lb backing

Vendor: Echo


Customer Reviews:  (Wednesday, 27 July 2011)
Rating: 4
Have been using this reel for a few months now and the drag is very strong and seems beefy. Looks are good. My only problem is putting on the backing.
I've never had a reel with slopped sides. That was my only negative. GREAT PRODUCT ECHO!

Last Updated: Sunday, 19 November 2017 19:43

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