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Sniper Four Season Intermediate

SKU: 00040001116
Price: $89.99

Clear Blue/Pale Yellow


Their new aggressive short head Striper line. The Sniper line is based on a shorter version of their 40+ line with its easy casting condensed head and thick tip diameter. This line differs from the 40+ because we split the head into a front heavier thicker section basked up by a thinner head section. This Dual Head Design allows the line to perform as well for lesser casters as for advanced casters. Lesser casters can cast the line with only the front 15 feet of line out the rod tip while the expert will aerialize the entire head to achieve maximum distance. This is an entirely new family of lines for 2011 and will replace the 40+ cold salt series. They come in floating, intermediate sink, type 3, and type 7 sink.
Ø 3 WF floating models WF8 – WF10 in Slate Grey / Pale Yellow (head /running line)
Ø 3 WF intermediate sink (1.5”/sec.) models WF8 – WF10 in Clear Blue / Pale Yellow (head /running line)
Ø 3 WF type 3 sink models WF8 – WF10 in Dark Green / Pale Yellow (head /running line)
Ø 3 WF type 7 sink models WF8 – WF10 in Black / Pale Yellow (head /running line)
Ø Dual Head Design ready for all casting skill levels
Ø Ridged (all the benefits of sharkskin with none of the problems)
Ø Low stretch / low memory braided power core 30 lb
Ø Multi color change to help optimize casting performance
Ø Welded loops at both ends

Vendor: AirFlo


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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 November 2017 01:57

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