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Sixth Sense Fast Intermediate

SKU: 0004000044
Price: $79.99

Translucent Green


Our most advanced family of lake lines. The Sixth Sense family of lines fish effectively in every depth a fish can be found. By far the most popular lake like in Europe, Sixth Sense lake / sinking lines comes in 7 families. All the lines have the same delta taper and all but the “Sweep” lines are density compensated to keep the fly “in the zone” thought out the retrieve. They have the low stretch core to achieve the most sensitivity of any sinking lines on the market. Unique to Airflo is the Sweep line. They come in a type 5 and type 7 sink. These lines are designed to produce a “belly” in the line which will allow the fisherman to “Sweep” their line thought several water depths in a single retrieve. This line was developed for the competitive lake fishing market in the UK. New for 2011 are “hang markers” which are color bands at the 20 foot and 30 foot mark on all the lines to help a fisherman judge when to let the fly “hang” during the critical point of the retrieve.
Ø 4 WF slow intermediate sink (0.5”/sec.) models WF5/6 – WF8/9 in Translucent Olive
Ø 4 WF fast intermediate sink (1.5”/sec.) models WF5/6 – WF8/9 in Translucent Green
Ø 4 WF type 3 sink (3”/sec.) models WF5/6 – WF8/9 in Dark Green
Ø 4 WF type 5 sink (5”/sec.) models WF5/6 – WF8/9 in Dark Blue
Ø 3 WF type 7 sink (7”/sec.) models WF6/7 – WF8/9 in Black
Ø 3 WF SWEEP type 5 sink (5”/sec.) models WF7– WF9 in Pale Grey
Ø 3 WF SWEEP type 7 sink (7”/sec.) models WF7– WF9 in Black
Ø Delta taper for smooth turnover
Ø Low stretch / low memory braided power core
Ø Color change / hang markers to help know when your fly is near the critical “take depth”

Vendor: AirFlo


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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 November 2017 01:59

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