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Ridge Clear Tactical Floating

SKU: 0004000060
Price: $89.99



The best clear floating line in the industry. Clear floating lines are niche product but have sex appeal. They offer a dealer a new product to sell to their customers that already have a floating trout line. You can say that clear floating lines are not for everybody nor are they needed or appropriate for every fly fishing situation but when you fish in situations where ultimate stealth and invisibility are the key to success you will want an Airflo Ridged Clear Floating fly line. There are limitations to the materials and design that can be used to make a clear floating line. While the concept of a clear floating line has been around for a few years it has taken Airflo, with their proprietary polyurethane material technology and patented ridge process, to make a line that approaches the performance of “normal” floating fly lines. Use Whiz lube to help the line slide and float better.
Ø Tactical taper (normal WF) to provide the widest performance envelope
Ø Clear (looks funny when it is dry but is perfectly clear when wet)
Ø Ridged (all the benefits of sharkskin with none of the problems)
Ø Welded loops at both ends
Ø Line size printed on rear loop as to not spook fish

Vendor: AirFlo


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Last Updated: Friday, 24 November 2017 22:00

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